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Virtual Color Analysis w/ Zoom Consultation: $99

Virtual Color Analysis w/ Zoom Consultation: $99

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Get expertly analyzed by a Lily's Color Lab expert from the comfort of your own home! This virtual color analysis allows clients anywhere in the world to receive information about their best color palette and learn how to apply it to their clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories. 

- Photos: When you place your order, we'll email you with instructions about taking photos of yourself for the virtual color analysis. We use a combination of your own photos along with our virtual color analysis palettes and technology to analyze the affects each color brings to your face.

- PDF Guide: Once we've determined your results, we'll email you your season result and information about how to apply this palette in a variety of areas! You'll receive your results within 3 business days.

- Virtual Consultation with Color Analyst: We'll set up a 30-minute Zoom call to deliver your results and walk you through our analysis of your undertone, value, chroma, and contrast, and coach you through the application.

Please note: This is a final sale.

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